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1. General Overview (Admin) (ENG) (WEB)

Product: Perculus (Web)
Training: Perculus - Administrator User Manual (ENG) (WEB)
Author: Kampüs365 | Education Technologist – Yunus YALIN
Administrator Manual:
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Administrator Panel Manual: 
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Perculus is a virtual classroom platform that enables remote live education and meetings on computers and mobile devices.

What can be done with Perculus:
  • Live video and audio streaming,
  • Planning activities to be used in the pre-class with the course flow feature,
  • Creating a course flow program for using in different sessions of the same class,
  • Activities that can be added to in-class and lesson flows: Whiteboard, Upload Document, Screen Sharing, Second Camera, Share Video, Upload Video, Create Breakout Rooms, Figma Board, Padlet, Pin Yourself, Google Docs, Miro Board, Two Truths One Lie, Word Cloud, New Question (Multiple Choice, Single Answer Questions, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions), Guesstimate, Likert Scale, External Application, Natal Chart, Brainstorming, Axis Grid
  • Live use of drawing, shape, and text tools on shared documents and whiteboard,
  • General and private messaging,
  • Session invitation,
  • Detailed messaging settings,
  • Camera and microphone freedom for all participants based on settings,
  • Enable score based participation check,
  • Simultaneous translation,
  • Downloading messaging history.
Sessions are recorded based on the session settings, and participants can access these session recordings for review later. All session and review reports can be obtained.
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