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2.5. Department / Program

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Product: Plan365
Training: Plan365 - Administrator User Manual
Author: Advancity | Education Technologist – Yunus YALIN
Manual: Plan365 - Student Affairs System Web Service Integration.pdf
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Listing of the programs at the university is done with this API end.

Table 11. Program (Program) Url Structure





Table 12. Program (Program) Data Type Fields

Parameter name

Parameter Type



string array

The Department/Program given the faculty code is listed. If the list is empty, the entire Department / Program must be listed.

Table 13. Program (Program) Data Type Fields

Data Label



ProgramCode *

Program code

Must be unique value

ProgramName *

Program name

Must be unique value

FacultyCode *

Faculty code


EducationType *

Teaching Type

Normal Education (NO) Evening Education (IO) Distance Education (UE)

CourseGradeLevel *

Grade level (for Plan365 course)

More than one code can be written by using (;) which must be written at all grade levels in the program and department.

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