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1. Introduction

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Product: Plan365
Training: Plan365 - Administrator User Manual
Author: Advancity | Education Technologist – Yunus YALIN
Manual: Plan365 - Student Affairs System Web Service Integration.pdf
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This document defines the web service application programming interface (API) that the Plan365 system, used to carry out academic planning activities, should use when receiving data from the university student affairs automation system.

The target audience of the document is the project manager, software developer and software architects who will work on the integration project. The document can be used as a reference document for both software development and testing of the developed API.

API return values must be in Json format.

The Web Service should be prepared as Rest API. The method to be used for security may vary. The service provider must decide which method will be used, document how the authentication will be done and notify Advancity (The recommended security method is Basic Authentication). Content- Type of sent parameters With application / json, the necessary structure is ready to capture the response data with the json data format by default.

Some information is requested for the "Exam" module and some information for the "Course" module. For this reason, there may be more than one function that provides the same information. Data obtained from the student affairs system via web service are as follows:

  • Campus

  • Building

  • Classroom

  • Faculty

  • Department / Program

  • Teaching staff

  • Courses

  • Student Course Registration

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