All settings are available and changed under the Settings tab. To open it, click the icon   below the camera image.

   ► Block all message traffic: All messaging is blocked.

   ► Block public messaging: Only private messaging is allowed; the public messaging tab cannot be used.

   ► Block private messaging, Block sending private messages to admins, Block private messaging for users: These three settings should be considered together.

   ► Mute sound on a new message: When the chat tab is not visible, a notification sound is played. To turn this feature off, check this option.

   ► Clear the messaging history and delete all message contents when the session is finished: The message history will be deleted when the session is finished and will not be displayed in playback.

   ► Delete messaging history now: Messaging history is deleted during the live session.

   ► Download all messaging: Messages are downloaded to your device. The messaging history can only be downloaded during the live session.