For screen sharing, Perculus 3 screen sharing plug-in must be installed to the Google Chrome browser.

   Clicking the + button on the top center of the screen and selecting “Screen Sharing” item will bring up the screen sharing window.

   ► The first tab in the window is for sharing the entire screen. If you have more than one screen, you can select one of them.

   ► The application window tab is used to select and share an application window of a running program.

   ► When you minimize the application window, it’s not shared until you open the window again. Also, even if you resize or move the window, sharing continues.

   ► If an open browser tab in Google Chrome is to be shared, it can be selected in the tab titled “Chrome tab”. Opening other tabs during screen sharing does not stop sharing of this tab.

   ► To stop screen sharing, click on the sharing section on the top and click on the trash icon on the right of the screen sharing tab as shown in the image below.